Friday, June 19, 2015

Whole Foods, Whole Crap

Whole Foods finally has caused us to flip our wig after witnessing some of the most grotesque and disgusting behavior I have seen anywhere. It also turns out to be a place where you can eat for free.
For those who have not seen or heard of Whole Foods, it is an upscale grocery chain capitalizing on consumer demand for organic and safe foods. While they provide token amounts of foods meeting those requirements, the majority, in the fruits and vegetable departments at least, are garden variety standard grown foods meaning that they have the same pesticides and GMO content as you get at Kroger, Publix, or any other national chain peddling unhealthy foods. Monsanto must be laughing with delight.
To add insult to injury, Whole Foods sells food from the Radiation Bowl of America in California where the Becquerel readings are off the charts at 100-1000 times normal radiation levels. due to massive influx of radiation from the Fukushima plant which is still spewing its radiation into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean. For this one, Satan is laughing with delirious delight.
But there are ways to work around those problems oftentimes by simply not buying their normal GMO based foods. And lest one think that our criticisms are too one sided, we do commend the fact they sell certified non GMO eggs, and Rumiano Family cheese which is certified non GMO. Beyond that, and contrary to their vague promises for non-GMO grocery stores, good luck.
Yet that issue is not the main complaint we have against Whole Foods. Our objection is the disgusting unsanitary conditions at the store. For example, I have witnessed first hand at their store in Alpharetta, GA a mother and her daughter eating pastries out of the pastry bin. It was the most sickening sight I had seen that day. Neither one of them had bothered to wash her hands.
Today, another young fat mother and her fat friend had 2 kids with them to feed. They went to the self serve buffet lines to load their plates, walked to the eating area, and gorged their fat faces with free food. Normally one goes to the cashier to have the food weighed so that it can be priced and paid. Not so with our lard ass "ladies".
I asked the cashier how much food loss they experienced, to which he replied "You need to talk to the food preparation department to get that statistic." Of course I really didn't care that much, but he was completely indifferent to the theft. He said that it couldn't be managed.
After the fat mother sat down to feed her kids, she walked over to the same pastry bin to get a danish to take back to her party. Go straight to the dining area - do not pass the cashier; collect free food.
In the self serve cookies department, I saw a man grab cookies with his hands which had been God only knows where before he filled his bag. Another woman and her daughter decided it was time for a free taste test and starting munching cookies. I even found one cookie with a bite taken out of it and thrown back in the cookie bin.
Needless to say, I do not buy Whole Foods open foods - it is unsanitary, filthy, and disgusting to think about. And if the customers are doing all of that eating and handling of food, what are the employees doing?
So if you want a free place to eat, head on over to Whole Foods. But are you really that desperate to eat food which been handled directly by so many people?